"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This Thing Called Homeschool

Last week was one of the best weeks we've had since school started.    We only had one interruption on Veterans Day, with a parade and a breakfast our church prepared for the Warriors on Wheels as they passed through our small town.  And believe you me, we've been riddled with lots of interruptions since school started.  That my friends is information for another post.  I can't even begin to tell you how accomplished we felt to have several good school days ....  in a row. 
Admittedly, some days I wonder why I'm doing this. This meaning, this homeschool thing.  It's not the norm at all, although it is becoming more and more common every year.  I wonder though, wouldn't it be easier .... if..... I sent our son to public school every day because:
1)  I could let someone else be the responsible one for his education.
2)  I could let him be around a lot of other kids his own age every day, all day long....learning "social skills" and "stuff" from them.
3) I could use the time I spend on homeschool research and prep for something else, and I wouldn't have to - - research curriculum, scope out field trips, keep up with constantly needed supplies that are non-typical school supplies, look for on-line resources to supplement our days and themes, spend so much time on-line at our library's website selecting books and then later picking them up from the library, investigate home school co-ops and groups, stalking on-line homeschool groups, figuring out the best way to keep records and stay on top of things, etc.
4) Then I could have more time to do other things, (like, have more time for me, or maybe I could get another job, keep my house cleaner,  stay up with my tasks and responsibilities at home, be a little more organized with my job at church,......Oh I can think of a lot of ways I would spend that time.)
And then, someone comes along and shares a story of their day.  A story involving several shocking scenarios that allow me to once again remember why I am in this thing called homeschooling.   After those scenarios are played out in my mind, stories from my past pop up as reminders as well, discouraging news articles I've read flip open their files in my memory banks, and all these things come bounding to the surface.
Did you know?  That in some of the high schools these days, the kids are allowed to cuss at and around their teachers, without any repercussions?  And this includes the "f-bomb."  And that a visiting parent isn't even enough to make them pause for a moment and think, 'maybe this is disrespectful?'
Did you know?  That some teachers are scared to demand respect out of the students around them.  So, the kids that are there to learn and gain an education, are exposed to the once that do not care about school at all?
Did you know?  That a large majority of students ignore their school work and don't care that they will end up in ISS?
Did you know?  That students can shut down and duct tape a teachers computer while the teacher steps out of the room and not be reprimanded when that teacher returns?
Did you know?  That middle school teens like to hang out at local fast food restaurants and it is quite common for many of those students to engage in fighting and/or threatening confrontations?
Did you know?  That elementary kids under 5th grade level, typically hear curse words and inappropriate words, such as body parts, as they ride home on the bus?
Did you know?  In some states and schools that teachers of health class are allowed to introduce your child to the details of same sex relationships?

Based on personal experiences:

Did you know?  That a child can sit in a class room and be assaulted by spit wads and no one will do anything?

Did you know?  That a child can be made fun of on a daily basis, and the teachers won't/can't do anything?
Did you know?  That a child can be pushed around out on the playground, and no one will stop the one doing the assaulting?
After you read through that list, it doesn't become rocket science anymore folks.  All these things rumble around inside me and make me feel sick to my stomach.  I know homeschooling is not for everyone and I know that there are many reasons out there that leave parents in the position of not being able to homeschool.  I am not here judging anyone their choice.  Each family has to make the best choice available to them.  

What this does do for me is it makes me feel all the more grateful -- that at this time, in this moment, God has blessed us and we are able to homeschool.  Will this always be the case?  I sure can't answer that.  Only God has the answer to that.  But, I do know that being a homeschool parent is a calling.  It is something you are called, by God, to do for your children.  Does it mean I am not nervous or apprehensive with the courses that are in our future? No, it does not.  I am nervous about all those things.  But, I also know that He WILL equip me with all I need to get that job done.  

"Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  Philippians 1:6

So, for today.  For the here and now, I am grateful to be able to homeschool.  Even on the frustrating days....Because on those days especially, there is no better feeling than when we do manage to pull it all together and get the job done.

Educating in Christ,


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