"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Monday, July 30, 2012

First Day of School Photos

First Day of School Photos

Caleb - MFW - Adventures for 2nd Grade

Randy - Tulos Midway High School Junior, Class of 2014

2nd Grade - The Beginning.....

Welcome!!  Adventures in MFW (My Father's Word) for 2nd Grade is about to begin.  The first day of school at the Parker house is July 30th, which for some of you reading this is today.  I'd had a couple of earlier start dates and decided to wait until Randy went back to school (July 23rd) and our Engage Revival at church was completed (July 26th).   It was important to me that our first week take place with as minimal of interruptions as possible.  :o)

With every new school year comes school supplies.  Most of our regular stuff like pencils and crayons, etc, are still in good shape from last year.  No need to fill the shelves with those items.  But, we did have a need to upgrade and change a few things.

A new cork board for the classroom.  I only put one pretty blue trim across the top because it is not a huge board and I wanted place for our "stuff."

A new magnetic dry erase board.  Our dry erase board was an old, beat up one Sissy left behind.  Time for a pretty new writing space.  I love how our dry erase froggy eraser was magnetic.  Seriously, he's just gonna hang around and do school with us.

Here are all the text books for this year.  Everything from math, to spelling, to science, to language, to history, to....whatever else I'm forgetting.  It's all here and ready to go.

Here is a stack of books from our home library.  These are all children's books.

I found this CUTE pad of post-it's at Wal-Mart - (well, the off-brand anyway), with an owl.  They just happen to match the file folders I bought for our weekly files holding all our student sheets.

See?  Cute, right?

Every teacher needs to have a flashy pair of scissors to use.  Of course, Caleb just saw these and I'm thinking they won't be mine for long.  Wal-Mart had some cute zebra striped one's.  Might just have to go buy another pair.

Here are the DVD's scheduled to be watched this year....

And another shot of our school supplies.  A few additions since the last photo I took.  

We don't have a whole lot of space for flags.  We'll be reciting the pledge of allegiance this year and I thought it would be nice to learn the other pledges as well.  When I saw this shelf-sized set I just had to buy it.   Please excuse the bottle of holy water.  Someone gave this to me a long time back when Caleb was such a sick baby.  They were Catholic, and I used to be Catholic myself.  I didn't feel like getting the step stool out to remove the bottle from the picture.   :o)

Here are our weekly file folders.  I've already filled them with all our MFW student sheets and any other worksheets that I found to go along with our studies. The entire year is done and at my finger tips.  Love it!!

We can't go back to school without our read-a-louds and trusty book basket books.  The books you see here are library books.  I picked them out to either go with the subjects we'll be discussing during the first couple of weeks of school, or they are read-a-louds for Caleb and I to read together.  To the right in the photo is our book basket.  This basket is full of books that we have here at home for Caleb to pull out and read from.  As he finishes them and/or gets bored of them we'll rotate them out.

And lastly, here is a peek at our Lamplighter book collection.  They are the one's in the center.  After I took the photo, I realized had three more to the left of the Heaven is for Real book -- which belongs to my Sister-in-Law.  We really need to read it and return it to her.  To the right is a book called Honey for a Child's Heart.  It is a list of books, categorizing them by age.  A great resource for mom's always on the look-out for new and different reading material.

That's basically about it as far as all the materials and "stuff" we'll be using this year.  I wrote a complete post a while back that you can read if you really want more details, but this is the crux of what we'll be doing.  

I would like to make the sincerest request for YOU to be in prayer for US as we go about our school days.  Homeschool isn't easy by any means.  It is a calling.  It is something we do because God has called us to do it.  It is certainly not for everyone and without Him, we wouldn't be able to do all that we do.  It's so important for me to remember to keep God in all of it.  If I try to take control, we are going to fail.  So, be in prayer for me in that regard.  Our specific prayer for Caleb is that he will take an interest in all that we need to do, that he will give it his best effort.  We are certain to have some bad days and I pray that we will over-come them and move forward leaving the dust behind.  

Until next time, God bless you and yours.....

Educating in Christ,