"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Saturday, April 27, 2013

MFW 2nd Grade - Week #24

BIBLE:  Our new scripture for the next two weeks is:
"...the Lamb...is Lord of lords and King of kings..."  Revelation 17:14

Bible Activities:  We read from Ephesians, Matthew, and Luke.

SPELLING/ENGLISH:  We continued with lessons in AAS and PLL

Our read-a-loud is still "On the Banks of Plum Creek."

Reading List:

Emmett's Pig, Mary Stolz
The Purple Coat, Amy Hest
Samuel F.B. Morse, Judy Alter
The Great Pig Search, Eileen Christelow
Armadillo Rodeo, Jan Brett
Tomas and the Library Lady, Pat Mora
Inside-Outside Book of Texas, Roxie Munro

HISTORY/STATE STUDY:  We talked about Samuel Morse and played around with "talking" in Morse Code by saying "beep" for dots and "bbbbbeeeeeeeppppp" for dashes.

The states we studied were Florida and Texas.  Since we live in Texas, we did a few extra worksheets and puzzles with information on Texas.

SCIENCE:  It was a fun week in science talking about sour things and did an experiment on breathing air.  Here are pictures from our sour things experiment.  We made red cabbage water and watched how it changed color based on the liquids that were put into it.    Caleb had a lot of fun with this experiment.

We boiled water and added cabbage bits.

We removed the cabbage bits after the water became purple.

Here's Caleb putting a dab of salt on his tongue....Definitely sour...

Here is the cabbage water before we started.  All containers are a blueish purple color.

And here are the after pictures....from adding grapefruit juice, lemon, etc.  Things that are not acid leave the cabbage water purple or turn it green.  Things with acid turn the cabbage water to pinkish colors.
MATH:   Completed math worksheets for addition.

HEALTH/MANNERS:    Our lesson this week was all about sugary foods and discouraging us from consuming too many of them.

Until next time....

Educating in Christ,

Momma Pam

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MFW 2nd Grade - Week #23

BIBLE:  We continued with Colossians 1:18 and read scripture from Romans and Ephesians. 

SPELLING/ENGLISH:  We continued with our lessons in All About Spelling, (AAS) and Primary Language Lessons (PLL).  

Read-a-loud:  We are still in "The Banks of Plum Creek."


Going West, Jean Van Leeuwen
A Picture Book of Helen Keller, David A. Adler
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, Peter and Connie Roop
The Real McCoy, Wendy Towle
The Bee Tree, Patricia Polacco
Buffalo Bill, Dan Zadra

HISTORY/STATE STUDY:   We studied and talked about Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, and Michigan this week.  A full week covering a state a day.  

SCIENCE:  Our topics this week were about our brain and our senses and taste tests.

MATH:  Typical math lessons took place this week.

MUSIC/ART:  We continued to listen to songs in Swan Lake.

HEALTH/MANNERS:  Our health and manners lesson for this week was about good meal planning.  This happens to coincide with a better eating plan at our house on a daily basis.  It was nice to hear that some of the things we talk about are sinking in for Caleb.

Until next time...

Educating in Christ,

Momma Pam

Saturday, April 13, 2013

MFW 2nd Grade - Week #22

BIBLE:  Bible scriptures for the week, "And He is the head of the body, the church....Colossians 1:18"

We read scripture this week from Colossians, Ephesians, 1 Corinthians, and Ezekiel.

SPELLING/ENGLISH:  We continued in our All About Spelling set.  Lots of progress taking place.  And wrapped up a few more lessons in our Primary Language Lessons book.

Reading-a-Loud:  This week we are continuing with our book, "On the Banks of Plum Creek."  So, so, good.  Caleb says he doesn't like it as much as "Farmer Boy," but he seems to be enjoying it all the same.

Goin Someplace Special, Patricia C. McKissack
Make Way for Ducklings, Robert McCloskey
Blueberries for Sal, Robert McCloskey
One Morning in Maine, Robert McCloskey
What is a Belly Button, First Questions & Answers about the Human Body, Time Life for Children, Virginia Alexandria

HISTORY/STATE STUDY:  We studied the states of Illinois and Alabama.  We also talked about the wagon trains moving west and how the pioneers lived in their covered wagons.  We just love reading stories out of our Pioneers and Patriots book.   I think I've said that before, but it's so true.

History activity:  Make sweet potato pie.  I was realistic enough to know that I would be the only one to eat it.  So, we opted not to make the pie and just talk about it.  We talked about George Washington Carver in our lessons.  He was a black scientist who did a lot of research in regards to food.

SCIENCE:   Our science this week consisted of looking at pictures of our bodies, bones and muscles and learning what happens with our food after we eat it.  Suffice to say, I don't think Caleb is going to be a doctor.  He could barely stand to look at any of the pictures or listen to the lessons.  And science is his favorite subject.  Obviously not internal science... Ha!

MATH:  More worksheets for math....

MUSIC/ART:  We listened to the Star-Spangled Banner and Caleb listened to me sing.  Ummm, yeah, choir was not my subject.  But, hey, it was just us so no big deal, right?

Swan Lake is our current topic and we've listened to the songs while riding in the car. It's a little easier for Caleb to swallow.  And he actually asked to listen to the CD one day.  I was impressed by that.

HEALTH/MANNERS:  Our topic this week was "Coughing and Sneezing."  A perfect one for Caleb with all the allergies he has.  He did pretty good with it.  Let's hope he carries it over into his real life.

I am definitely behind on our homeschool blog.  Life just took me away from the computer and there wasn't time to get these posts done.  But, that's okay...we were still doing school, even though the proof is not yet posted here for you to see.  More posts coming and more pictures also.

Educating in Christ,

Momma Pam

Saturday, April 6, 2013

MFW 2nd Grade - Week #21

BIBLE:   We continued discussing John 15:5.  We read scriptures from John 15, 1 Kings 17, Daniel 3, and Galatians 5.

SPELLING:  Okay.  That's it.  We're tired of struggling through spelling.  There comes a time when a person has to cut their losses and just move on.  Sometimes something that works for others, doesn't work for us.  I've ordered a new spelling program and hope it will arrive soon so we can get started with it.   I'll talk more about it when it gets here.  For you homeschoolers that might be reading, we're switching to All About Spelling.  

ENGLISH:  We covered several lessons in our English book.  That's always such an accomplishment. Sometimes this subject drags on because it involves more writing.  I've had to call on my SIL (a teacher) for some ideas on how to prod Caleb along.  I'll be trying her ideas to see how they work.  One being, if he doesn't finish his paper within the allotted time, he has to finish it on his own, after school is over and mommy goes off to do her own stuff.  I'll update you on how it works....

Reading List:  Our librarian recommended the books by Meryl Magby.  They didn't really go along with our lessons this week, but we read them anyway since we saw "The Reef" in Louisiana.

Jelly Fish Under the Sea, Meryl Magby
Guess Who, Baby Duck!, Amy Hest
You're the Boss Baby Duck, Amy Hest
Sponges Under the Sea, Meryl Magby

HISTORY/STATE STUDY:   Our topic this week is on Robert Fulton and we read about him for a couple of days from our Story of the U.S. book.  The states we discussed were Indiana and Mississippi.      We're still doing the cut-n-paste state sheets along with the one assigned by MFW.  Caleb is starting to get a little bored with them I think.  But, it is the middle of the year ho-hum's after all.

SCIENCE:   Our science topics this week were about "Floating" and "Juice."  We read from our Encyclopedia of Science about things that float, weight and size.  We talked about ships floating and how some water has salt in it, which helps things to float more easily.

Then we discussed Juice and looked at some fruit and how much juice it made in comparison to each other.

MATH:  We did a few lessons in our new Singapore math book and then I decided to hold off a bit longer and do some more review.  So, I found some worksheets from the internet and am having Caleb work on those.

MUSIC:  Our new topic in music is Swan Lake.  Caleb isn't really very fond of this so I'm not pushing it really hard.  We've listened to some of the music and I picked up a library book to tell us the story.  We didn't have time to read it before it went back to the library, so I picked up a different book which I think will be an easier read.  You'll see it listed on one of our future reading lists as Swan Lake is something we'll "discuss" for a few weeks yet.

Educating in Christ,

Momma Pam